MAAKbar is the meeting place in Leuven for
sharing, repairing and reusing


We want to inspire and literally give space

to anyone who wants to undertake something in the area of repair, upcycling or sharing. Our dream? Less waste, more impact and therefore more Leuven.


What can you expect at MAAKbar? 

* Everything starts with the right tool. But sometimes you only need it a few times in your life. Or you have no place to stock it. Then there is the TOOL BIB where you, as a member of MAAKbar, can borrow a whole year the tools. Just think of drills, sawing machines, welding posts ... Check everything that can be borrowed here.

* We must restore broken items. The monthly REPAIR CAFES at MAAKbar are a fixed value. But we also regularly visit the city to organize repair afternoons on different locations.

* Make something new from something old. UPCYCLING is called that nowadays. Get started at MAAKbar with sewing machines or other materials and turn your favorite fabric into something completely different. Our space is free to use during opening hours.

* Follow one of the many WORKSHOPS organized at MAAKbar. They set you on your way to tackle things at home yourself. Or come up with your own idea for a workshop.


This initiative runs on volunteers. Interested? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us

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