No material to repair something?

The tool library of MAAKbar is the solution


Everything starts with the right tools. But sometimes you only need it a few times in your life. Or you don't have place to stock it. Why buying it if you can lend it? It is also much better for the environment as less has to be produced and people start to share more and more. Take part in the sharing economy and become a member of MAAKbar.


How do you purchase an annual subscription?

An annual subscription costs 30 euro. You can deposit this amount on BE61 9730 1900 0617 (CEO vzw) with your name and email address. During opening hours you can purchase a subscription at MAAKbar itself (cash only).

If you have a reduction 'Uitpas' of Stad Leuven, you can subscribe for 6 euro. 



* With your annual subscription you can lend tools all year long with us.

* The loan period is standard 1 week with a possible extension of an extra week.

* Collection and return takes place during opening hours in Tiensestraat 226, Leuven: Wed 2 pm - 6 pm; Thu 2 pm - 8 pm; Sat 10 am - 5 pm

* You can find the full regulations here.


Reserve online

You can find all the tools in our online catalog and you can also reserve it:


Too many tools?

Do you still have tools at home that you no longer need? The tool library is always happy with new tools. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..